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The Old Smoke House and Candied Pork Belly

It was a small wood shed tucked in the trees. The door swung outwards and an adult would have to duck to get inside. From the rafters would hang assorted cuts of meat and an old stove would supply the flavoring. The Smoke House was my Grandpa Louis’ domain – […]


Stability and Rhubarb Cake

When I think of my grandma what I think of most is that she was always there. Always at home, in her seat at the dining table, slippers on, usually with a smoke in hand and the radio playing. I guess she was a bit of a recluse, but for […]

Nana's meatloaf covered in tomato sauce

Sunday Dinner and Nana’s Meatloaf

Gemma and Mindi rush to the door, barking like mad. Mackenzie and Michael burst in, late and carrying their vegetables and dessert. Jennifer has just taken her meatloaf and scalloped potatoes from the oven and Milt is at the sink checking out a faulty drain. It’s Sunday in the Peterson/Dawe […]


Shangri-La and Cracker Cake

Grandma Florence and Grandpa Martin were married at a manse in Prince Albert, SK on July 4, 1944. Grandpa’s sister Matilda and her husband Doug went along as witnesses and what always makes me giggle, also on the honeymoon (in the same tent no less!). The group travelled to Waskesiu […]

Finished cake

Great Grandma Cora’s White Cake

Anyone who knew her would tell you that my great grandmother Cora Mortenson was a heck of a cook. In fact, by the time she was ten years old she could bake almost anything, and later she would become a cook in the local hospital. Cora would often bake 4 […]