Top Ten Mother’s Day Gifts

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Ah Mother’s Day…that day of the year when all mothers get to relax and be pampered by their grateful family – oh wait, does that actually happen? If you live in farming country, it’s not likely to. As my brother in law has been known to mutter, “who puts a holiday in the middle of seeding?”

Mother’s Day in my family usually meant a holiday without any men in it. I grew up used to the idea that mom and kids would spend the day at home doing yard work, or perhaps driving in to visit with grandparents. It rarely involved more than some cards crafted by the kids during art class and occasionally a cake if someone was feeling particularly culinary.

So, for all of you who still find yourself in the middle of seeding with no time to think about Mother’s Day, this is for you. My list of the Top Ten Mother’s Day gifts – treat the mom in your life to something, even if you end up buying it for yourself!

1. Game of Thrones Fan

That’s What I Do. I Drink and I Know Things. A mug perfect for any Tyrion Lannister fan or anyone who likes a drink!

2. Always Looking for a Hair Tie

No more elastic marks on your wrists! This pretty bracelet has a groove in it that holds a hair tie. It comes in gold, rose gold and silver.

3. Loves to Color

An anti stress adult coloring book. Full of quotes and on good quality card stock paper.

4. The Music Nut

If she loved Bohemian Rhapsody then get her this 3 cd set of Queen’s Greatest Hits

5. The Tea Drinker

A handcrafted tea rack that will keep her favorite teas on display and at hand.

6. Always Reading

Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths. These gals get real about parenting.

7. Does Anything for Beauty

This jade face massage roller claims to massage away puffiness. Who doesn’t need that?

8. Always on the Go

Who doesn’t love a foot massage? And now you won’t have to be the one to give them!

9. Chocolate Lover

My grandma loved these things – and in my area they are hard to find!

10. Perfume Obsessed

Some people collect perfumes the way I collect cookbooks. If that’s the case you can’t go wrong with a great scent – and if you buy a set she’s sure to love at least one of them.


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